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Tanzania Global Prayer Movement (TGPM) is delighted to present to you a Global Day of Prayer for Tanzanians and friends worldwide that involves praying for Tanzania General Election for a 24 hour period starting at 2am Sunday morning October 25th to 2am Monday morning October 26th Tanzania time. Translate that into your own time zone. The Global Day of Prayer will be accompanied with a 24 hours absolute fast during the prayers. Absolute fast means no food and no drink including water for the entire 24 hours. Exceptions will be given to those who have medical issues.

Starting Monday October 19th to Friday October 23rd, we urge all Tanzanians and friends worldwide to fast a partial fast, when you fast during the day and eat a light meal during dinner time. However, no fasting during the day on Saturday until in the evening at 7pm eastern USA time or 2am Tanzania time (or whatever is your time) when absolute fast as explained above, starts.

Those who live in America have the privilege to meet in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a special Kalamazoo Prayer Summit. In Kalamazoo, Michigan which is in Eastern Time Zone in the United States and about 8 hours behind Tanzania time, 24 hours prayer and fasting will start at 7pm on Saturday October 24th and end at 7pm on Sunday October 25th.

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: We urge ALL TGPM representatives worldwide and all members and non-members of TGPM worldwide and all Tanzanians and friends across the globe to organize people wherever you are and pray in groups targeting those hours above. Translate those hours into your own time zone so that we pray together within that timeframe. Never underestimate your humble and baby steps. God is watching and will honor your baby steps, and He will be with you! That much I will guarantee you because I know Him and He did it during our Chicago Prayer Summit in April 2015. Let's take our country back from the hands of the evil one. His rule over Tanzania is over. It's time for the righteous to rejoice and be glad!

Prayer Ponits for the General Election day should include the following:

  1. Pray for peace throughout the country on the election day.
  2. Pray for free and fair election.
  3. Pray against any fraud in the electoral process.
  4. Pray against any intimidation at the polling stations.
  5. Pray against any effort or plan or scheme by the government to undermine the integrity of the electoral process.
  6. Pray for the Election Commission to safeguard the interest of the people instead of CCM and the government.

If you are not a member of TGPM, please join TGPM and let us know how we can help you organize your people and come together and pray on the election day. If you are a Bishop in charge of a diocese, or a pastor in charge of a congregation or ministry leader access Message to Pastors Worldwide

Jesus is Lord
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