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Jesus Christ


Dear Fellow Tanzanians and Friends Worldwide,

Tanzania Global Prayer Movement (TGPM) is delighted to present to you a 24-hours Kalamazoo Prayer Summit that will take place in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States of America from 7pm on Saturday, October 24th to 7pm on Sunday, October 25th. In Tanzania time zone, the sprayers will start at 2am the morning before the election until 2am the morning after the election, which is 2am Sunday morning October 25th to 2 am Monday morning October 26th. This is a special prayer event to cover the General Election in our homeland in Tanzania.

Kalamazoo Prayer Summit will be accompanied with a 24 hours absolute fast during the prayers. Absolute fast means no food and no drink including water for the entire 24 hours. Exceptions will be given to those who have medical issues.

Starting Monday October 19th to Friday October 23rd, we urge all Tanzanians and friends worldwide to fast a partial fast, when you fast during the day and eat a light meal at dinner time. However, no fasting during the day on Saturday until in the evening at 7pm eastern time or 2am Tanzania time when absolute fast as explained above, starts.

This is also a Global Day of Prayer when Tanzanians and Friends worldwide will be praying for a peaceful, free and fair election. Those who live in America will have the privilege to come together in Kalamazoo at the Prayer Summit and cry out to God to intervene and heal the land and its people. For those who live outside United States, please visit the Global Day of Prayer page for more information.

Kalamazoo Prayer Summit is the climax of Phase One of the MISSION why God raised up Tanzania Global Prayer Movement (TGPM). This is a not ministry that someone sat down, thought about it and decided it is a good idea to launch such a ministry. Not even close. This is a ministry that God launched by suspending all other things leaders had been working on so that His desire and His mission for Tanzania can be accomplished. And you have all witnessed what only God can do through such a ministry since it was launched on February 11, 2015. You have seen God responding by fire to the many prayer requests we have brought to His attention in prayer. Now this Prayer Summit is an event that will showcase what God can and has done through such a humble ministry. It's a climax event to reveal and showcase His glory. It's a climax event for Phase One of the ministry.

For those who attended Chicago Prayer Summit on April 11, 2015 saw with their own eyes the amazing things that God did in Chicago and in their own lives. Now our good Lord wants to reveal another layer of Himself to His children who will dare accompany Him in Kalamazoo and pray for their beloved country Tanzania. If you think Chicago event was great, wait for Kalamazoo event. But be warned that everyone coming to Kalamazoo is coming to war, a spiritual warfare. The Bible reminds us in Matthew 11:12, "From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force." So when you come to Kalamazoo, be ready for an all-out war with the strongman and his cohorts. Come fully prepared with full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) so that you can fight the good fight of faith with diligence and endurance.

Other important information related to Kalamazoo Prayer Summit are as follows:


7pm on Saturday October 24, 2015 to 7pm Sunday October 25, 2015.


St. Michael Lutheran Church & School
7211 Oakland Drive
Portage, Michigan 49024

Event Venue: The Gym to Sanctuary

Parking is FREE and park anywhere.


Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise


Hotel reservation has been made at:

Baymont Inn & Suites
3800 East Cork Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Phone Number:(269) 344-8300

Hotel Reservation has been made with a special deal of only $67 (Plus Tax) for a room per day with either a king bed or two queen beds, the choice is yours. After you book, you can chose to stay by yourself or share with others. Each room allows to sleep at least 2 people and at most 4 people. As you book the hotel, you can have someone in mind to share the room or you can find one when you arrive. Book the rooms for the two nights of October 24th and 25th. So for two nights it will cost you $134.00 if you decide to stay by yourself in the room; or $67.00 if two of you stay together; or $44.67 if three of you stay together or $33.50 if four of you share a room. The choice is yours. To reserve a room, call the hotel directly with your credit card or debit card at the number above.
Use the Group Code: TGPM to get the price of $67.


For those coming by air, please use any of the following airports:

  1. Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Airport in Portage with airport code AZO, just 5 miles to the event location.
  2. Grand Rapids Airport with airport code GRR, about 45 minutes drive to the event location.
  3. Detroit Metro Airport with airport code DTW, about 90 minutes drive to the event location.
  4. O'Hare Airport in Chicago with airport code ORD, about 3 hours drive to the event location.

We are making arrangements for pickup at Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids airports. There will be NO pickups at Detroit and O'Hare airports.


If you are coming to Kalamazoo by Bus or Train, please buy a ticket and your destination should be Kalamazoo. When you register for the event, please indicate if you are coming with a bus or train and we will pick you up. Make sure you plan to arrive in Chicago on Friday. There will be absolutely no pickups on Saturday at a bus or train station.


  1. Anyone who comes by air or train or bus who need ground transportation must register for the event and indicate your respective mode of transportation
  2. All arrivals MUST be on Saturday before the event.
  3. All departures MUST be Monday morning.
  4. There will be no Ground Transportation from 6pm on Saturday October 24th until Monday morning.


Dinner Banquet will be served on Sunday Evening at 8:30pm. Prayer will end at 7pm. After prayers, people will be given a chance to go to the hotel to take a shower and freshen up, dress to impress Jesus and join the Dinner Banquet. The menu will include chai, maandazi, sambusa, vitumbua, pilau, kachumbari, wali mweupe, chapati ... maybe I should stop here to make sure you don't start salvating.

Jesus is Lord
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