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Jesus Christ

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Subject: A Call for Ideas and Prayer Points

Dear Tanzanians and Friends,

The purpose of this update is to engage the community of Tanzanians and friends at large, wherever you are in the world to be part of this movement praying for Tanzania. Do your part, participate. Get ready to mobilize your family and friends in the community you live so that you can come together on April 11th. We will give you all the tools to make it happen for you.

In meantime, I want to ask everyone to contribute ideas. Remember, this movement is not top bottom, but bottom up. I want everyone to be heard. We don’t have marching orders on how everyone should pray, but we want to engage you to shape everything we are doing. How can you do that? By sharing some ideas on how to organize these prayers. I request ideas on three areas as follows:

  1. What prayer points or ideas you want this movement to prayer for our beloved country Tanzania? What are the burning issues that make you lose sleep? What do you want to change for your country? What is that you are sick and tired of, and you want your Jesus to show up and fix it? What is it? If you have more than one prayer points, list by number.
  2. For the face to face prayer meeting in Chicago, what ideas you have that may help organizers to plan this event for maximum impact. This may include some modalities of conducting the prayers. Prayers go from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Assuming you were given the task to plan the prayer meeting, how will it flow to fill the time?
  3. For prayers across the globe, say in Tanzania, United Kingdom, etc. how can we best plan for maximum impact?

Please email all your comments, ideas or feedback to

I thank you in advance for taking your precious time to write to us and becoming part of this movement. May the good Lord richly bless you!

Your Humble Servant,

Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Subject: Updates on Global Day of Prayer for Tanzania

I take this opportunity to thank all those who took their precious time to join us yesterday on a conference call. The purpose of the call was to brainstorm ideas and modalities of conducting a Global Day of Prayer on April 11th and beyond. I thank even those who were willing to join us but due to circumstance beyond their control; they couldn’t.

Brothers and Sisters, we had a blast, and I was really humbled. Our good Lord is always faithful! It was a great exciting start. The attendance was great, and everyone was excited to be part of this movement that can stand in the gap and pray for our country. This movement is not about any one of us; it’s about all of us and our beloved country. It’s a Spiritual Movement and not a political movement. For those who missed last conference call on Sunday, please join us for a Prayer Conference on Saturday February 28th. The Prayer Conference Call will start at 9pm Eastern Time or 8pm Central Time or 7pm Mountain Time or 6pm Pacific Time. To join the conference call, please call +1 218 548 1952. When prompted for a pass code, please enter 777999 followed by a # sign.

Major deliberations coming out of Sunday Conference Call include:

  1. We will meet once a week via a conference call for prayer until one week before April 11th.
  2. The last seven days leading up to April 11th, everyone will be fasting daily and praying via conference call daily.

All deliberations small and big will be worked out by a committee itakayozinduliwa this Saturday February 21st. The committee is tasked to plan for the Global Day of Prayer, face to face prayer meeting in Chicago, as well as prayer meetings worldwide. The community at large worldwide will be given the opportunity to share their ideas and the committee process all those ideas and incorporate them accordingly.

Please share these updates with anyone you know who can join our movement and pray for our country. Click To Share.

If you are not receiving updates from us, join our movement and be part of something bigger than life ... Click Here to Join.

Mubarikiwe sana.

Your Humble Servant,

Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D.

Jesus is Lord
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