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Presented below are the prayer themes or areas to pray for. All prayer themes with prayer points already created are hyperlinked. To see a list of prayer points for a given prayer theme, simply click the link.

Here is the list of Prayer Themes:

  1. Pray for Repentance
  2. Pray Against the Strongman
  3. Pray for the Body of Christ and Spiritual Leaders
  4. Pray Against Corruption
  5. Pray for Ratification of New Constitution
  6. Pray for 2015 General Election
  7. Pray for Current Leadership and Governance
  8. Pray for Youth and the Next Generation
  9. Pray for the Education System in Tanzania
  10. Pray for Economy in Tanzania
  11. Pray for Medical and Health System in Tanzania
  12. Pray for the Judicial System - Courts, Magistrates and Police
  13. Pray for Tanzanians Living Abroad
  14. Pray to Demolish all Forms of Witchcraft and Satanic Practices
  15. Pray Against Poverty
  16. Pray for Restoration of the Fear of the Lord
  17. Pray for Foreigners Living in Tanzania
  18. Pray for Tanzania Embassies Worldwide
  19. Pray for All 8 Neighboring Countries
  20. Pray for Consecration and Healing of the Land
  21. Pray for Marriages
  22. Pray for Personal Renewal and Community Revival
  23. Pray Against Demonic Road Accidents in Tanzania
  24. Pray for TGPM Members
  25. Pray for Kalamazoo Prayer Summit
  26. Pray for Selection of Party Candidates
  27. Pray for Jerusalem and Israel
  28. Pray for United States of America
  29. Pray Against Terrorism in Tanzania
  30. Pray to Erase Evil Spiritual Records for People of Zanzibar

Jesus is Lord
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